More Than ABA

Our programs use a multimodal approach that accelerates learning.

Parent training Packages:

Early Start Program

(Under the age of 5)
Group and individual, in person and remote coaching using a blend of developmental psychology and ABA through NDBI models such as Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and Project ImPACT.

Focused Therapy Programs

(Severe challenging behaviors)
Our evidence-based system consisting of practical functional assessment and skills-based treatment protocols is trauma-informed and implemented by certified professionals. These programs are supportive and aim to increase the safety, dignity, and joy of our clients in everyday life while proactively addressing problematic behaviors.

Social skills and Flexibility Program

(For Social skills and Flexibility Program and Emotional Challenges)
We offer group and individual coaching using as foundations Acceptance and Commitment Training and synthesize mindfullness and ABA through programs based upon DNA-V psychological model and AIM curriculum.

Focused Therapy Programs

(Selective Eating and Food Refusal)
Treating Food Selectivity and Refusal is a multidisciplinary team program consisting of an occupational therapist, speech therapist, and behavior analyst, aiming to address psychological, behavioral, and physiological aspects of eating disorders by gradually promoting more courageous food choices.
The approach focuses on empowering children in mealtime situations and gradually promoting more courageous food choices without the use of escape extinction. This method has proven to be effective in increasing the variety of foods consumed without triggering problematic behavior or negative emotional reactions. Adjustments for specific client needs are discussed. Please note that this process is only suitable for clients who have been medically cleared for behavioral intervention in eating disorders.