Our offer for organizations

We help organisations align performance and culture with strategic outcomes through consulting on individual cases or company-wide topics. These consulting services can be ongoing for your organization or a one time consultation.  

Who is our offer good for?

  • All types of schools or educational institutions with students from the autism spectrum (from kindergartens to special schools / inclusive schools).
  • Health care – consulting emergency rooms or doctors and dentists who provide services for autistic people
  • Day care centres, in-patient facilities and residential homes for people with ASD
  • Autism therapy centres
  • Speech therapists, occupational therapists and other therapeutic professions working with affected people

What do we offer?

  •  Staff development and training
    • Consultation on the implementation of goals
    • Case Consultation and Conceptualization from the perspective of theory of learning, verbal behavior and behavior analysis.
    • Professional crisis prevention and management training. 
  • Collaborative approach between our consultants and your key stakeholders to design and implement a comprehensive Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan for ASD clients serviced by your organization.
  • Data collection and evaluation
    •  Development of survey instruments and data collection protocols for individual cases or entire organizations.
    • Systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of educational and/or therapeutic programs to make judgments about the program effectiveness
    • Monitoring, collecting and analyzing the data results which allow for data-informed decisions.
  • Implementing interlinked motivational systems for all members of the organization.
  • Structuring the organizational elements to provide synergetic links between end-clients, practitioners and administrators.
  • Connecting the values within the organizational culture with the educational and therapeutic strategies implemented within it.
  • Assistance with Policy Development.