We work with

Parents who:

worry that their child will not learn to communicate in a meaningful way;

feel uncertain about the level of independence their child will achieve in the future;

have daily battles with their child regarding eating, wearing warm clothes, or remaining safe on the parking lot;

have ran out of ideas on how to teach their child to communicate their boundaries and needs, use the bathroom, or make snack;

feel overwhelmed when attempting to advocate for their child’s inclusion with neurotypical peers;

have received mixed messages about ABA but are willing to evaluate its values and benefits through personal experience.

Institutions, day care centres and schools whose teams

notice a gap between their theoretical training and the practice of caring for people with autism;

wish to employ evidence-based tactics that both staff and clients feel good about, strive to create living and learning contexts that teach and develop skills that can be appreciated by the autistic person as well as others;

want to achieve an overlap between the autistic person preferences and values, the staff’s professional experience and current research on pedagogical and therapeutic practices;

believe that teaching through joyful engagement is a powerful way to fulfill their call for social service

The Therapy Process

diagnostics and evaluation

After reviewing the medical records, an evidence-based support diagnosis is carried out. This is accompanied by conducting structured interviews with parents and school and, if necessary, behavioural observations at school and home.

report with comprehensive treatment plan and therapeutic goals

Based on the diagnosis, a detailed treatment plan with short- and long-term support goals is created. These goals are quantifiable and observable.

Implementation of the Treatment plan

The treatment plan is implemented with continuous data collection. Based on the data and feedback from the parents, the treatment plan is adjusted if necessary.

Evaluation of the therapy

Every 6 months, a development report is prepared documenting progress. The need for continued treatment is assessed.

Veneta Dimitrova in the Woods

A look back

The "Teaching Tree Clinic" was founded in 2014 as a sole business by Veneta Dimitrova to address the needs of children with ASD within the US military and NATO contingent in Ramstein. By 2020, hours worked grew by 1900%, the clinic became the largest employer of behavioural analysts in Germany and occupational and speech therapy were added to the services offered. In 2021, the "Teaching Tree Clinic" became an organisation with the name Ausblick Therapie GmbH. Shortly after its foundation, Ausblick opened two more clinics in Hochheim and Amberg and we signed the first contracts with various municipalities to offer our therapy services to German clients.

A look ahead

At the end of 2024, Ausblick Therapie GmbH will be transferred into a company under steward ownership. This would make us the first company in Germany from the medical-therapeutic sector to take this step. In the spirit of steward ownership, we are committed to remain independent of stock market value as a measure for success, and use our profit to advance Ausblick’s purpose.

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